Lil Hazel Lites

My journey as a candle maker...

Where to begin...

I always love candles. I go to the candle aisle in the stores and smell the candle jars. I spend a lot on candles!
Most of the time, I have a candle in my cart to purchase instead of buying make up! I have candles all over my house. Just something about candles, it draws me in.. It's therapeutic! It relaxes me, it gives me energy, good vibes plus the house smells so good!

My mom loved candles, she had them all over her house and basement. When she passed away, I found some old candles in my basement, boxes of them, you know the old hard candles, pillar ones probably made of beeswax? I was going to throw them out because they looked so ugly and old, but I decided to give them another life and see what happens if I melted them and put them in jars...My creative side started to work their wheels!!!!

...this is the start of my candle making journey. For almost 2 years now, I have been doing my research, using all resources, testing & testing on what I can do to make a great awesome candle!

First few good batches I made, they were Xmas gifts and bdays! They loved it!

Mom, I miss you! this is all about your old candles..You gave me LIGHT to shine again, to LIVE again! LOVE YOU!

My little Hazel, you taught me so much, my sweet dog pittie Hazel.. I am a better person because of you. Sending you lots of kisses and hugs to dog heaven! family, my support, my ROCK!!!! I know, you love all the candles I give you as presents and to test!!!LOL..Much love to ALL!

LORD, Thanks to you! You guided me and gave me strength...