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Lisa C, lives in Oakpark, IL, June 27, 2022
I first discovered LilHazel Lites when a friend recommended them to me. I put in my order for a few and quickly found out these candles were of a very high quality.
I then ordered more and started giving them out as gifts- to fussy sister in law who loved them, to my cleaning lady who when I went to visit her house, I noticed she had it placed front and center on her counter and had clearly been enjoying it.
The quality of these candles are excellent and the price very reasonable.

Lenie Z, lives in Chicago, IL
" The Jasmine scent is amazingly incredible.
The scent is perfect blend and fills the entire floor with its scent"!

Maria T, lives in Bolingbrook, June 29, 2022
   I love the melts and candles that I've purchased from LilHazel Lites. I keep some of my novelty melts in my tin container on my desk at work and my coworkers always compliment how good they smell. They are so cute too! The candles smell divine and burn evenly as long as you trim the wick properly.
I will keep ordering from LilHazel Lites!

Susan V, lives in Wheeling, IL
Lil Hazel Lites Candles is very organic & clean. My favorite is grapefruit & it smells so good especially when I cook. I lit my candles & the smells stayed in my house for a while. Lots to choose but this is my favorite. Try them and you will enjoy it.

Kimberly R., lives in Texas
LilHazel Lites makes the cutest and most unique candle scents out there. I also love my two wick candle with stand, it matches my decor perfectly!


Celine, lives in Bartlett, IL
The scents were amazing and the candles were very long burning, much longer than I expected. Love these candles!

Emma G, lives in Richmond, Texas
Shout out to Lilhazel lites candles, for my coconut and mango scent and grapefruit candles. They are very strong scented and as soon as you enter our house you will be amazed of how one lit candle can take over the entire house and it's refreshing.
Purchased 2 big, 3 wick candle jars

Annabelle G, lives in Carpentersville, IL,  July 14, 2022
I tried the cherry blossom scent and I totally fell in love with it! Anyone who comes into my house comments how refreshing the smell is, like you just got out of the shower. I will definitely reorder and stock up!

Richard and Christina F, lives in North Carolina, July 16, 2022
Me and my wife just recently ordered our candles from Lil Hazel. We were amazed just how fast we received our order. We were both taken by shock and surprise once we opened our package.
We have never in our life's smelled such amazing and wonderful aromas from candles before. We always purchased our candles from retail stores. Lil Hazel's candles are hands down the best design and amazing fragrances. We never smelled such peaceful and relaxing candles. Most of the candles we buy from retail stores are over potent and we're you can barely even detect the fragrance aroma.
All the candles we purchased are all our favorites, we cannot decide on just one. They are simply perfect. We could tell and see once we got our order how much hard work, love, dedication, and compassion went into making these wonderful candles.

Maria W, from Conroe, Texas August 4, 2022
Eucalyptus rates is 5 stars *****
Java Joy     rates is 4 stars ****
Peaches and Mango rates it 5 stars *****
Maria's husband loves Eucalyptus.
Satisfied customer

Maria C, from Florida September 8, 2022
I absolutely love her candles. It smells Amazing.

Shirley from Bolingbrook, October 22, 2022
I love all the flower scents. When the candles are lit up,the room/house smells so good! I recommend all the candle scents! My favorites are the Jasmine, Gardenia, Lily candle scents!

My next review comes from my Etsy shop

Isabelle from Illinois, October 28, 2022
Just wonderful! I bought this gift for mom. I can't wait for her to receive it. My dad smelled it and he was taken back to his childhood. Please support this shop.
5 star rating!

Cora D from Chicago, May 2023
The body butters from you are really super
satisfying! It really keeps my skin smooth and silky. It moisturizes my skin, prevents dryness and promotes an overall healthy skin. My daughters also loves it!

Liza M from Virginia, May 2023
I love the body butters, they smell amazing
and they are very moisturizing! My skin feels like silk after putting them on. My fav scents are Sampaguita and Sweet Smile. They also make great gifts. I gave them to friends on our spa weekend and we all felt
pampered! I'll be ordering more in the near future!